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Funny Movie - Mr Bad Turns Good

Wednesday 30th November 2005

OK as if this website wasnt enough to melt your brains and cause you to have to have seizures from over-exposure to complete non-sensical bilge, you now have something else to worry about. Some idiot was stupid enough to give me a copy of "The Movies" by Lionhead studios. This allows you to create short films really easily and it means I dont have to pull out my copy of Lightwave 3D and start modelling and animating because a) Im too God-damn lazy and b) its all done for you in "The Movies". Anyway Ive made a movie which is full of good morals and will teach you the importance of being nice to squids. You can view the film here. No doubt someone out there, after watching this, is going to start a petition to make it illegal for retailers to sell me creative software. Have fun melting your brains, and try not to bash your head against the desk too much!

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