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goblin prince I was born with a superior brain which means I have psychotic powers and abilities way beyond anyone else in the world. I have often proven my psi abilities to skeptical folk by simply sniffing their chins and telling their fortune based upon my findings. Now I'm going to use my amazing powers to help you with your life and indeed give you a head start in solving all your problems. Select a section from below to get started.

Life History Generator Life History Generator
If you've had an accident which has destroyed all memories of your past then this tool will be able to help you recall everything.
Fortune Cookie Fortune Cookie
Break open one of my lucky fortune cookies and see what amazing advice it has in store for you.
Birthchart Generator (Personal Horoscope) Birthchart Generator (Personal Horoscope)
Enter your details and look at the pretty chart. This stuff is generated from actual planetary data.
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Just How Compatible Are You With That Moron?
Enter the 2 lover's starsigns and click on "Make Me Laugh"
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