Advertising Information

Want to advertise on here? I'm not gonna bore you with marketing babble but lets just say a lot of major players out there have acclaimed this site (i.e: Yahoo, MSN,, AOL, TimeOut London, The Boston Herald, The London Independent, etc, etc) and world famous American celebrity psychic and astrologer, Terry Nazon sometimes even writes exclusive articles for Crazy Horoscopes (she was voted one of America's top 10 psychic astrologers by USA Today). Just do a search on Google and see what else you can dig up about this site. And if you find anything really interesting which I haven't mentioned then do let me know! :)


Purchasing Ads

You can do this 2 ways:

You can either purchase them from my 2 main ad providers which are Google Adsense and Adbrite. If thats the case, just click on the link at the bottom of the ads on this site and you should be taken directly to their purchasing pages.
Another way to advertise is to purchase them privately by sending an email here with a quick explanation of your requirements (ad size, duration).


Affiliate Schemes

I really don't like signing up for these as they've proved to be worthless in the past. *sigh* But if you have something astounding to offer me, then you can wow me by sending an email here


Changing Advertising Networks

I'm sick of advertising networks contacting me trying to get me to switch to their network, despite my refusal to sign up to another service. I'm happy with Adsense and Adbrite which means when I get an email from some moron telling me about his amazing ad company, my finger accidentally slips and deletes it. I rarely ever read past the second line, so please don't waste my time. Thanks!

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