Yes as well as being a super amazing psychic I am also an interpreter of dreams. I know how hard it can be when you wake up (no not that!) from a dream and bang your head against the wall trying to figure out what it meant. Here are a list of the most commonly occuring dreams along with accurate interpretations. Some of these dreams were sent in by people, so if you have a dream thats been bothering you then feel free to email it here.

Your Shoes Shrink Every Time You Draw A Minotaur

Chimpanzee Selling You Fireworks And Cocaine

You Find Bruce Forsythe Living Inside Your Toaster

Gypsies Chasing You With Cricket Bats

Your Left Arm Morphs Into An Irish Wolfhound

Lemons Singing And Dancing In Your Bathroom

Being Chased By A Transsexual Flying Greyhound

Your Garden Fence Is On Fire Every Time You Sneeze

Mosquitoes Disapproving Of Your Tap Dancing Skills

Every Banana In The World Becomes An Insomniac

Wearing Blue Prevents You From Using Screwdrivers

Prosecuted By Angry Clowns On Valentines Day

Your Anus Grows Teeth And Starts Wearing Lip-Gloss

Your Chin Detaches Itself And Performs Magic Tricks

Spiderman Steals Your Dog And Teaches It To Dance

Aliens Attack Your Town And Force Feed You With Gravy

Dancing in Mud Whilst Licking Lots Of Stamps

Chimpanzees Building Submarines From Lemonade

Dancing Cockroaches and Randy Blondes At a Petrol Station

Your Uncle Wants To Set Fire To Your Pink Negligee

You and Bigfoot and Get Chased By Singing Redneck Bees Who Make You Dance

Climbing a Mountain Of Cheese And Being Chased By a Naked Midget

Goblins Trying To Force Feed You With Curry When You Leave the House

You Are Looking For Velma's Glasses and You Turn Into a Cockroach

Every Time Your Dog Farts, The Cat's Hair Falls Out

Hijacked By Leprechauns Who Turn You Into a Pole Dancing Banana

You Are Chased By A Plastic Spoon Before Having Your Foot Attached To Your Eyeball

Your Hamster Humps Your Eyeball While A Gorilla Feeds You Toenails.

Your Dog Beat Boxes And You Get Attacked By Penguins With Pickles

A Demon Bones Your Granny Then Shoves Her Head Up Your Anus For Eternity

Your Knob Falls Off Whilst Playing Topless Darts With Anita The Goat Girl

Singing Lettuce On a Park Bench, Babbling Prophecies Of The Turnip God

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