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goblin prince Want to know why you're not getting any marriage proposals? Maybe its because some filthy old hag has been paid by an enemy of your family to cast an evil black magic spell on you! Ha ha ha! God I'm so funny! No seriously though, black magic is wrong and isn't funny. I was actually born with moose antlers between my legs instead of genitals because a gypsy cast a black magic spell on my Mother. Thats the reason why I learn't how to remove black magic spells. I finally reversed the spell and now instead of antlers I have a brass plaque which reads "Eat More Mushrooms". I help thousands of innocent victims each month. Click here to visit my personal website if you need help with removing a black magic spell.

Anyway, back to the subject of love and marriage. If you really want to impress that special someone without behaving like a drunken prom date, then put away the lip liner and the Paris Hilton perfume because I have an easier solution which won't involve you spending the night in a police cell. Select a feature below and let my superior brain decide if its mean't to be. You simply cannot go wrong because everything I say is true.

Astrology/Zodiac Love Match System Astrology/Zodiac Love Match System
Want to know if that man you are drooling over is worth the effort of you 'playing hard to get'? Find out using my amazingly accurate love match system!
Love Letter Generator v2 Love Letter Generator v2
Too lazy to write a love letter? Many thousands of people use my love letter generator every month to create heart-melting works of literature.
Fiery Love Poem Generator Fiery Love Poem Generator
This was originally created as a subtle joke but idiots kept using it to send actual love poems. Hey its a free country so do what you want with it!
The Love Calculator The Love Calculator
Enter 2 names and see how good your relationship will be. If you are single or a spinster then feel free to enter a celebrity's name if it will make you happy.
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Just How Compatible Are You With That Moron?
Enter the 2 lover's starsigns and click on "Make Me Laugh"
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