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New Website Launched

Sunday 28th May 2006

Well people as you can see, we have a brand spanking new website here at Crazy Horoscopes. I figured the old one was getting a bit cluttered, and there was far too much text on it. So I decided to re-do the whole thing and make the colors a bit richer and give it more breathing space (for all you geeks out there it was done using CSS2).

I have removed some of the poor performing horoscopes such as Chinese, Pet, Monthly and Yearly and replaced them with something even more stupid.... Mr.T horoscopes! Now you can have B.A Baracus from the A-Team read your weekly horoscope, in his own unique way.

So what else is new, well theres a forum now! Woohoo! Go sign up, and start talking in there. You can even talk about cheese and squids if you like - honest! Theres lots of great categories to choose from.

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