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Stop The 2006 Candian Seal Hunt!

Thursday 16th February 2006

Well its been a great Valentines day. Over 2800 Valentines greetings were sent via the love letter generator and the love poem generator. If you havent used those, then what are you waiting for?! Go check em out!

OK onto some serious stuff. I dont normally like talking about stuff like religion or politics because this is a comedy site and I have no political views anyway. Im always a positive and happy guy, but when it comes to mindless violence towards animals or the domestic abuse of women, that kind of stuff really angers me! I just heard about the Canadian Seal hunt where the uncivilised maggots of human society (who never got an education) are openly encouraged by the Canadian government to get together and snatch hundreds of thousands of baby seals from their Mothers and murder them for fun and profit. The seals are hit over the head with any available weapon (stick, baseball bat, ice-pick, etc) in an attempt to stun them a little. The tiny seal screams for its life as it watches its fur get torn off its own body, before its bloody carcass is left there exposed to the cold and staring into the sky (in most cases still alive, as the fascist sealers dont bother checking to see if they are actually dead). The fur is turned into expensive coats which are worn by people like Jennifer Lopez, just so they can show off their status when attending parties, events, etc. The Canadian government has regulations stating the seals must be dead before the skinning takes place, but because no officials check on things, the baby killers do whatever they want and gain a lot of pleasure from it (theres been reported cases of them stroking the seals head before clubbing it - just to wind up animal rights protestors). If you think Im making this all up or exaggerating in any way, then check out the following website for photographic and video evidence of all this (Warning: Graphic content! - Dont watch it if you cant stomach it!):

Theres 40 days left before the 2006 Canadian Seal Hunt officially opens. I urge you all to sign their petition and help put a stop to this mindless, and unnecessary slaughter!

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