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Exclusive Valentines Day Love/Sex Article and New Blog

Thursday 26th January 2006

OK I have 2 exciting bits for you (thats what I always say! ;) ). First of all Ive finally added a non-sensical blog to this site. I figured seen as though you people love reading surreal bilge so why not write even more for you. You can access the "Secret Diary Of a Goblin Prince" right here or you can click on the menu bar (HINT: where it says "diary").
OK secondly, world famous astrologer and psychic Terry Nazon has been kind enough to write an exclusive article for Crazy Horoscopes regarding what people really want for Valentines Day. Its all very well assuming your lover likes cards, flowers, flavoured lubricants, sextoys, etc but theres a lot more to it then that, if you dont want to end up getting dumped. Terry has been voted one of the top 10 astrologers and psychics in the USA, and she has some great advice for us all. You can read her exclusive Valentines article here.

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