You Are Chased By A Plastic Spoon Before Having Your Foot Attached To Your Eyeball

You're in a toyshop when suddenly a spoon from Barbie's play set comes chasing after you. You hide under a giant Fairy Floss sock (whatever that is!) for protection. After a while you get hungry and eat the Fairy Floss sock, from which you get a belly ache. So you go see a plastic surgeon who attaches your foot to your eyeball. (Thanks J.O)

I think the main focus of this dream is the spoon, and the foot being glued to your eyeball. Basically it means that its about time you harvested the sugar canes which are growing on your eyeballs. If you don't then there will be a world shortage in sugar and marzipan. The Fairy Floss is a warning to you, to never ever set fire to a clove of garlic and feed it to a mad rhino.

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