Dancing Cockroaches and Randy Blondes At a Petrol Station

Seeing rapping cockroaches at a petrol station whilst wearing crushed thongs because you've forgotten to iron them. Then a gorgeous blonde chick called "Fluffy The Afro Wacker" starts humping your leg, after which you wake up and wet yourself. (Thanks C.S)

A very common dream amongst toothless people and anybody who has had an iron lung fitted within the last 3 days. The cockroach represents your uncle. His rapping is metaphoric and means he is very good at tennis and playing guitars which have strings made of cheese. However the fact that he jumped out of a petrol pump is literal and don't be surprised if he lives inside a gooseberry very soon. Seeing a blonde chick humping your leg while you have crushed thongs on, is a sign that you need to stop stealing molten centipedes from your tax lawyer and sticking them on your earlobes with sticky tape. However, the part where you wet yourself is worrying. Please see a doctor (or a solicitor)

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