Dancing in Mud Whilst Licking Lots Of Stamps

You jump into a huge muddy pond filled with pigs and roll around with them and dance, then you sink in the mud, and land in a room with a gnome playing the violin in the corner. You then lick a load of stamps from each country and stick them on a blank envelope. (Thanks A.D)

Throughout history, seeing a muddy pond in a dream has been a constant subject of debate amongst Romans, Carpathians and even Rhesus monkeys. Some claim it represents every loaf of bread in the world. Others say it means you are soon to inherit a block of butter shaped like Keanu Reeves. The reality is, it represents your discontent with your left forearm. This is backed up by the fact that there is a serious stamp licking incident in this, which further proves that you will soon be visited by a talking goat who will give you a rancid turnip in exchange for your spleen.

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