Spiderman Steals Your Dog And Teaches It To Dance

Your dog is stolen by spiderman who decides to teach it how to tap dance. He refuses to give back your dog and calls you a “Squid”

Seeing a superhero in a dream means that you are very protective of pinballs and kimonos. Watching a superhero steal your dog and teach it to dance is even worse because it clearly signifies the fact that all your in-laws are insects and love loin-cloths. Tape 20 skittles to your chest and grind up a cucumber with a mortar and pestle before you go to sleep. This may not ward off the dream but at least it will stop migraines and penguins. A superhero calling you a “Squid” is no big deal as it usually means your eyeballs are soon to be covered in a layer of frost.

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