Your Anus Grows Teeth And Starts Wearing Lip-Gloss

A frightening dream in which, all your underwear gets chewed up by your own anus, despite you jamming several pencils and knives into it.

This kind of dream only occurs when you have come back off a long journey. The anus represents your Uncle and the teeth represent his new car. One day he will offer you a lift to the local turnip shop. When you get there he will shower you with acorns and call you a “Skank-Ass Ho”. After which he will fight you and rip off your tail. If you don't have a tail, then he will rip off your horns. Then he will look at you and say, “I am the Pimp Daddy Of Squids” before dancing like a ballerina and being promptly arrested by the police. Avoid him!

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