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2007 Lucky Scopes Jupiter in Sagittarius

Release Date: 23rd November 2006

The Lucky planet Jupiter enters its own sign Sagittarius in November. A new 12 year cycle is about to begin. Since the planet Jupiter rules luck, expansion, growth and benevolence how will it affect your life? What kind of changes can you expect and in which areas of your life will you see the most growth, good will and phenomenal good luck?

Aries (Mar 20-April 19): Jupiter in itís natural placement and house in your solar chart indicates that you will be more dedicated to seeing things through than is actually normal for your sign. Your sense of duty and responsibility is enhanced and it is easier for you to see things through to fruition. You benefit by learning, going to school or back to school, gaining professional licenses and any test that comes up youíll pass. Traffic ticket? Not a problem, all legal matters will favor you!

Taurus (Apr 19-May 20): Lucky Jupiter graces your 8th house of inheritances, legacies, credit and financing. Some Lucky Bulls could inherit money again, marry money or find money! This is another great placement for experiencing a tremendous influx of money and valuables! Looking to get you finances in order, Jupiter can help there too. Credit, banking and debts are also ruled by the 8th house. If you put your mind to it Jupiter will make it easier than you think to get all financial matters in order!

Gemini (May 20-June 21): In your 7th house of marriage Jupiter could aid you in finding Mr. or Ms. Right. The person of your dreams or your ideal mate could make their appearance in your life under his transit. Already married? Not a problem as Jupiter rules legalities and a little known fact is that Jupiter in the 7th can indicate a divorce or making a relationship legal.

Cancer (June 21-Jul 22): Your solar 6th house of work, employees, diet, health, and neighbors receive the warm and nurturing glow of Jupiter. Neighborhood changing? Itís a little known fact that many people move and often to better neighborhoods under Jupiterís transit of their 6th house. You will see improvements in your overall health and well being with Jupiter here and you will keep to diets and work out routines more readily. The workplace will now be a place of laughter and happiness!

Leo (July 22-Aug 23): Since the 5th house is already a very fortunate house in anyoneís chart having Jupiter transit your 5th house is going to be like a double dose of good fortune. Expect good fortune in games of chance, gambling the stock market and circumstances that just turn for around for the better. Your love life will also experience a jolt as Jupiter brings in a lot of potential love interests. Your children could also be a special source of pride as the win honors and recognition!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22): Jupiter in Sagittarius transit your solar 4th house of property, family and the beginning and ending of important matters. Got a problem you want gone? Not a problem. Jupiter here signifies that events and circumstances could change to favor you. Those Virgoís who are property ownersí, benefit as their property increases in value. Under Jupiterís glance itís a good bet you could purchase a new home or move!

Libra (Sept.22-Oct 23): In your solar 3rd house all communications are favored. Everyone will want to talk to you and additionally everyone will listen. Publishing, web publishing and your knowledge of technology and computers will increase. Short trips, even trips to foreign countries are favored and many Librans could purchase a new car! Expect your relationships with your siblings to go more smoothly.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov22): A power house of planets in your solar 2nd house of money and assets, suggest unprecedented growth in the area of personal worth! Since Jupiter also rules religion itís possible you may have a strong desire to rekindle your faith, religion or your own brand of spirituality. The 2nd house doesnít just rule money it rules what you place value on. For some itís the arts, for others itís cold hard cash and for still others itís deeply moving spiritual experiences!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21): Jupiter, your planetary ruler, in your solar 1st house of self assertion, and self reliance could have you taking on a primary leadership role at work, in your career or even your own business. You have no fear of striking out on your own with Jupiter here. If you already have a business you will feel like reviving it and remaking it. Your self confidence will be at an all time high!

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20): As Jupiter transits your solar 12th house many of you could seek out some rest and relaxation in a foreign country. The 12th house does rule among other things foreign residences! This is also a karmic house that can easily clear out old karma. Big problems that you are facing will clearly come to an easy ending with Jupiter here. Itís said that Jupiter transiting the 12th house is like having your guardian angel very close! Thereís a great deal of spiritual protection with this transit!

Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18): In your solar 11th house, which is a house that your sign rules so Jupiterís transit is very strong for you, you will quite possibly have a wish fulfilled. Think of something you want, and make it something big and just see if circumstances and events wonít begin to materialize for you. New friends, in laws, mentors and very influential people will find you irresistible! If you are a business owner, it will be a very profitable year!

Pisces (Feb. 18-Mar. 20): Itís about time Pisces saw the results of all the hard work theyíve been doing! In your solar 10th house you could be put into a position of authority at work. Superiors will give you recognition and praise which will undoubtedly be accompanied by money and benefits. Everyone will look up to you and give you the respect you have worked so hard to get!

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About The Author: Terry Nazon is a professional celebrity astrologer, and psychic to the stars. She has been practicing astrology and consulting clients for well over 16 years. Voted one of the top 10 astrologers and psychics in the USA, she has helped many celebrities and Hollywood stars. Her horoscope columns are seen regularly in many magazines including Cosmopolitan, Fate, Woman's Own and Glamour. You can visit Terrys website at:
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