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March's New Moon Eclipse March 29th

Release Date: 29th March 2006

The 2nd Eclipse is the New Moon eclipse in the sign of Aries. As the transiting North and South Nodes have already traversed the sign of Aries and Libra through 8 degrees this indicates a past condition relating to January 2nd, 2006. This New Moon Eclipse could also indicate that plans we had made in January maybe even New Years resolutions will now begin to materialize. It is the ultimate in new beginnings! The eclipse in Aries foretells of dryness of the earth and fires. As the earth will be drier than usual it could also foretell of some earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions in much the same zones where they have already occurred recently. The ongoing Iraq War will be getting a huge amount of attention as people around the globe call for its end.

The New Moon eclipse signifies that a new direction or purpose that you choose and decisions in front of you now will have far reaching consequences. The Luminaries that rule karma and destiny will have you reaping the rewards of your good deeds and good past life karma. You just might want to take this week to get in some more "good deeds" to tip the scales even further in your favor! Saturn slowing down before resuming direct motion on April 5th will move very little over the next few days, aspects the Moon's Nodes at 4°Aries/Libra. According to Dane Rudhyar the symbolic Sabian Symbol for the North Node at 4° Aries is "Two lovers strolling on a secluded walk". The Nodes here indicate a kind of imbalance in your life that you need to become more aware of. The universe will be checking on you to see if in fact these areas of your life are balanced! If so, you reap the rewards, if not, you become aware of this too. Very soon though circumstances will be changing and allowing the flow of positive energy through. This might reflect itself in sudden good fortune, a conception of a creative idea, a new baby, or a new love interest or resuming a relationship that had been on hold.

A quick check to see if your life is in balance or not…

Aries: your 1st house of personality and leadership and your 7th house of relationships. Find balance with the nodal axis by not being the aggressor or dominant party in your personal relationships. Also keep in mind that relying too much on others, and losing yourself in your relationship isn’t healthy either. Keep the balance in your most personal relationships.

Taurus: your 12th house of spirituality and you 6th house of routine are the houses most in need of balancing. Avoid burying yourself too deeply in what “has to be done today”, take time for quietude and reconnecting to your deep inner self.

Gemini: The nodal axis that is in need of balance most is your solar 11th house of friends and hopes for the future, and your 5th house of children, and creative pursuits. For many the idea of children will require balance. Thinking about having children and their future needs and your own dreams for the future, what you want for your self, your goals, requires a balancing act.

Cancer: Your 10th house of career and power needs to be blended and balanced with your home and family life. Your reputation in the community and how it reflects on or affects your family needs to balance now.

Leo: Your 9th house of learning, religion and your 3rd house of what you really think are aspected and needs to be balanced out. Form your opinions and respect others opinions. Learn and communicate but, not talk above people.

Virgo: Your 2nd house of personal assets and your 8th house of joint assets. You may have to decide what’s yours, ours and mine. You may even have to focus on earning more and not relying on credit.

Libra: your 7th house of partnerships and your solar 1st house of “me” are the areas of your life that need balancing. Thinking about another’s needs and desires is as important as your own needs and desires.

Scorpio: your 6th house of work and your 12th house of spirituality are at odds. Being a workaholic isn’t enough anymore, finding your center and purging the fear that you might find if you stop working for just one moment has to be balanced.

Sagittarius: Your 5th house of hobbies and your 11th house of money from hobbies is what may need balancing. Have you become so good at a hobby or creative pursuit that it’s time to be a professional at it.

Capricorn: The 4th house of home, family and property and the 10th house of corruption and power need balancing. How you use your personal power over others needs balancing with the family life you lead, and does your home represent your power in the world?

Aquarius: your 3rd house of communications, and your 9th house of higher learning, religion and beliefs, needs balancing, the way you communicate may not be representative of your true knowledge. Let others know how smart you are or how smart you are not!

Pisces: your 2nd house of money and your 8th house of legacies and inheritance need balancing. You need money and someone may have the money you need and how to achieve a balance between the two is what’s needed.

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About The Author: Terry Nazon is a professional celebrity astrologer, and psychic to the stars. She has been practicing astrology and consulting clients for well over 16 years. Voted one of the top 10 astrologers and psychics in the USA, she has helped many celebrities and Hollywood stars. Her horoscope columns are seen regularly in many magazines including Cosmopolitan, Fate, Woman's Own and Glamour. You can visit Terrys website at:
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