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Amazing Facts You Never Knew

Release Date: 2nd January 2005

There are millions of things you don't know about the world. As human beings it is our job to keep educating ourselves and become better people. It is impossible to know everything (unless you are a monk), but the least you can do is try your best. Here is a collection of amazing facts about the world (which may or may not be accurately represented) that you didn't know (or you knew about them but then forgot because you were busy learning other stuff). Article revised: (11th Jan 2005) - Article Reverted: (08th Jan 2006)

Amazing Fact 1: In 1996, US Congress passed a law which clearly states that all school children in Florida must be taught to walk on their eyeballs, in order to avoid alligator attacks.

Amazing Fact 2: Projectile vomiting is considered a mainstream Olympic sport amongst peasants in Eastern Europe. The event is nationally televised and is sponsored by local pharmaceutical companies.

Amazing Fact 3: Due to its unique modifiable structure, the African elephant can squeeze its body through a hole the size of a pea.

Amazing Fact 4: Nasal discharge from Orangutans is often used in the manufacture of smoke alarms.

Amazing Fact 5: During the 1600s, Spanish sailors would often cover themselves in dog poop to ward off sea monsters. This method is still used today by the British Navy and Chihuahuas are specially bred for the purpose.

Amazing Fact 6: The average man needs a map to find his way around a woman's body.

Amazing Fact 7: Peasants in Eastern Europe often celebrate the new year by smearing horse manure on themselves and slapping each other with rubber gloves.

Amazing Fact 8: Tom Jones is actually a government experiment to create the first music idol, entirely from turnips and aluminium foil.

Amazing Fact 9: During the mating season, zebras and wildebeest have been known to ritualistically commit suicide in order to attract a mate.

Amazing Fact 10: A badger has a tendency to freeze up and die with fear if it ever gets into a fight with another badger. They both die as a result before they even start fighting.

Amazing Fact 11: A Golden Labrador Retriever contains more venom than a spitting cobra. The only reason they are not dangerous to humans, is because their jaws cannot open wide enough to bite.

Amazing Fact 12: Magician David Copperfield once pulled a couch out of his anus. He then went on to extract a motorbike, 2 helicopters, several woolly mammoths and an entire ocean liner.

Amazing Fact 13: In England, during the middle ages, it was common to see live peasants served up in the salad bowls royal family. This was due to a mad magician called “Derek The Naughty” who was hypnotising people into thinking they were iceberg lettuce.

Amazing Fact 14: During WWII, midgets were often employed to sniff out landmines, due to their amazing sense of smell.

Amazing Fact 15: It is illegal to urinate in Gibraltar if you are under 18.

Amazing Fact 16: Police patrolling the streets of Miami, often mistake watermelons for prostitutes. Watermelons account for 70% of vice related false alarms.

Amazing Fact 17: The Alaskan bear is the only mammal which is 16 metres high, has horns and sings. It has a frontal pouch full of human skulls and can grow a moustache 3 metres long.

Amazing Fact 18: Some takeaways often employ giant flying tadpoles and cats to deliver food to customers

Amazing Fact 19: Armadillos cause leprosy if they look at you for more then 10 seconds.

Amazing Fact 20: Ants are often not taken seriously. They can run faster than horses, and the males can roar like lions.

Amazing Fact 21: It is actually possible for human females to lay eggs if they are fertilised correctly. Science denies this fact in order to promote hospitals and national health services.

Amazing Fact 22: British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, once accidentally trapped himself in a refrigerator for 3 weeks. In order to prevent public panic, the Labour party cabinet ministers ordered a moving cardboard cut-out of him to make public speeches via radio control.

Amazing Fact 23: Microsoft used to produce cricket bats before they moved to recliner chairs.

Amazing Fact 24: The myth of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer was originally created during pre-biblical times, as a huge frightening monster with razor sharp teeth and 3 mile wide nostrils. This was to scare children into eating sprouts.

Amazing Fact 25: Employees fired from McDonalds are often forced to dress up as a turkey and eat worms and fried mice before being given the pink slip.

Amazing Fact 26: Mooning a cow in a field is considered a crime in many countries such as the Gambia and Nigeria, and can get you arrested. Some have even done time in prison for it, and some farmers now have legal representatives for their livestock

Amazing Fact 27: Infamous Chicago gangster, Al Capone, was not the real mastermind that the media make him out to be. He actually took his orders from an intelligent horse called “Graham” who he kept locked in his room and fed with strawberries.

Amazing Fact 28: An extremely effective cure for warts is to sing religious hymns to them. Eventually they disappear.

Amazing Fact 29: Farmers in Texas often use shampoo to disguise their chickens from predators such as foxes. Some farmers in the Southern hemisphere even go as far as dressing their chickens up as fierce lions in order to deter hyenas.

Amazing Fact 30: Bad tempered Emperor Penguins wielding cricket bats, have been found as far as Central Africa and have been known to ravage entire villages and consume livestock within seconds.

Amazing Fact 31: In some British towns, stealing someones pencil is a crime. Those who are caught are often punished by being thrown into a metal trashcan and a group of small children are then encouraged to beat the sides of the bin with cricket bats.

Amazing Fact 32: Pixies have been known to occasionally steal copies of adult magazines such as Playboy and Hustler from shop shelves and cause worldwide shortages. Some claim they are extremist feminists in disguise.

Amazing Fact 33: Retino-Mesocricetus is a rare disease which causes the sufferer’s eyeballs to glow bright blue and explode if they accidentally look at hamsters.

Amazing Fact 34: Suckling baby monkeys are sometimes fooled by their tired mothers, who will stick a live squirrel in their mouths to keep them quiet.

Amazing Fact 35: The award for the highest number of casualties on any movie set goes to Disney’s Bambi. Apparently the deer who played Bambi’s mother is a crack addict in real life and, would beat up the other cast members in order to get money out of them.

Amazing Fact 36: 20% of women claim to have secretly given birth to a Lexus and sold it on E-bay without their partners knowing.

Amazing Fact 37: Pubic hair is considered an exotic pizza topping in certain areas of South America.

Amazing Fact 38: Animals, the size of horses have been found living in stables all over the world.

Amazing Fact 39: Horses are no longer allowed in the military because they attract enemy radar.

Amazing Fact 40: In 1999, during the Mango wars of Syria, all clothes made of denim were declared unsafe as they had the tendency to conduct lightning.

Amazing Fact 41: In 1993, the British government passed a law, requiring all bald people to convert their scalps into solar-power units, as part of the country's energy conservation programme.

Amazing Fact 42: All residents in California and Japan are legally required by the government to be trained to turn into amoeba and crawl through tiny gaps in the event of a major earthquake.

Amazing Fact 43: Spiritual mediums from Lithuania can tell a persons fortune by sniffing their chins. Some can even tell your past by analysing the speed of the flow of your urine.

Amazing Fact 44: Peasants and villagers in Nepal, often disguise themselves as giant snowballs in order to get a close up picture of the legendary Yeti and steal some of his hair. A tiny patch of Yeti's fur can fetch a high price due to its narcotic qualities.

Amazing Fact 45: A 28 year old man in Columbia was arrested back in 1998 and charged with “mooning” a police officer while driving on the freeway. He claimed he was sticking his rear end out of the car window to cure a rectal itch.

Amazing Fact 46: Dressing up as Mickey Mouse actually repels mosquitoes in winter. This doesn’t work in summer though.

Amazing Fact 47: Despite what chemistry experts tell you in school, rust is actually caused by microscopic chimps who love to eat iron and spray acidic urine on it from their nipples.

Amazing Fact 48: Before the invention of pigeons and telegraph wires, the citizens of London would often train chimpanzees to run to the recipent and spell out the urgent message using pieces of macaroni. This was not considered economical as they took years to train.

Amazing Fact 49: A single human fingerprint contains more information then the human brain and has been used by scientists to successfully clone racing horses.

Amazing Fact 50: In 1896, TNT (Trinitrotoluene) was used in the manufacture of chocolates and candy before it was discovered to be highly explosive. It was removed from the ingredients when it was noted that children's teeth would spontaneously combust during class.

Amazing Fact 51: Ostriches sometimes give birth to their young through their nostrils if they feel threatened. Scientists claim this erratic behavior has something to with the British monetary system going decmial during the early 1970s.

Amazing Fact 52: A small tribe exists in the jungles of West Africa who dress up as hedgehogs and worship gooseberries as part of their coming of age ceremonies.

Amazing Fact 53: Some species of dog will swallow themselves whole if they cannot find food.

Amazing Fact 54: The Indian Elephant is the only living thing whose eye is smaller then the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Amazing Fact 55: More people are killed, being impaled by flying cats then bitten by snakes or run over by stampeding ants.

Amazing Fact 56: Before they became extinct, Gargoyles were employed by rich and famous people to remove fleas from dogs using an iron. Some were also employed to entertain small children with sticks.

Amazing Fact 57: During the 1600s, the natives of the Christmas Islands, off the coast of Romania, would often set fire to their young in celebration when they were born.

Amazing Fact 58: It is impossible to tell a lie if you stand on your head.

Amazing Fact 59: Drugs, like heroin and coccaine, are sometimes disguised as lemons and sold on common market stalls. The acidity of the lemon acts as a preservative.

Amazing Fact 60: Pregnancy is actually a disease caused by fleas, and is related to scabies.

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